Professional on-site Macintosh and Wi-Fi consulting for the home office and small office.

I offer a high level of services to the home and small office client at very reasonable rates. I'm not a "computer repairman" who runs in with a band-aid to "fix" problems. I'm a professional consultant looking at systems in your home or office. If you have a small office computer network, or you run a business out of your home, my services will benefit your enterprise.

Small businesses can unknowingly slip far behind the technology curve. New developments affect your productivity, directly influencing efficiency and profitability.

Anyone can sell you computer and network hardware, but—what is best for you? For example, the Wi-Fi hardware market is teeming with products, some of dubious value.

I can plan, install, and troubleshoot your small-office and home-office computing system. Wireless networking is sold as the simple and perfect solution, but is it? Not always—ask me why. Wired and wireless networks, affordable file servers, as well as video, graphic, and audio production workstations are specialties.

Mature, professional Mac services with 18 years consulting experience. All variety of small business and nonprofit enterprises supported.

(510) 367-8836
Mark Mason PhD